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Our Aim is to become one of the leading healthcare companies in Oman by 2022

IntraMedica was founded in 2018 in Oman as a local representative for global medical manufacturers research that includes distribution of medical surgical and food supplements products


Patient with Healthcare Nurse


IntraMedica is specialized in promoting, marketing and distributing medical products and solutions to enhance human health for better lives

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
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Despite our customer’s satisfaction which is one of our priority, our highly motivated team has the technical and sales skills to always boost our name in the market to be one of the reputable companies that has wide relations with doctors and top managements in the private as well as in the public service and has  the capacity of supporting customers with their variable needs .

We always work on assuring a healthy connection of the patient with his treatment by providing him with the best quality service and advanced treatments that exceed his expectations.


Since our prime priority is the wellbeing of the patients, we always provide them with exceptional services and support through advanced technology and innovation. With our special relationship with our suppliers and clients, our focus will be mainly on the private sector, which is an outgrowing business.

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